Thirteentwelve is more than just a showroom.

We share our experience through brand consultancy, collection strategy and all other aspects to create worldwide sustainable long-term client relations.

We work on a premise of intellect, rather than on a plainly commercial basis.

We live in an age where everything is possible. We also live in an age where everything is connected, but not always in the right way. Things need change. We principally believe that quality is the only permissible ground for any future quantity. Because of this, we have been able to develop a strong personal approach towards our worldwide clients.

We provide designers and high-end boutiques with the best possible co-operation. We also make absolutely sure that distinguished brands receive the unique positioning they deserve and that our key accounts benefit from fruitful collaborations.

Our showroom spaces are located in Antwerp, Paris and Milan.


Magda Butrym

Magda Butrym is a luxury designer ready-to-wear brand founded in Warsaw, achieving wide international acclaim. The brand combines modern fashion design with specialized craftsmanship to create fashion pieces with a “soul” for the modern woman who uses fashion as a means of expressing her individuality and character.

Handcrafted excellence is a staple in Butrym’s work. The collections have featured hand woven textiles and hand plaited leathers as well as hand knitted fabrics and embroidered ornaments.



1/OFF is a fashion label rooted in the upcycle movement. Celebrating the legacy of grand designers; they transform high-end vintage garments into
contemporary designs.
Their vision is based on the ideology that fashion items are no longer disposable, but part of an eternal cycle of inspiration.
1/OFF (Re)thinks vintage garments of iconic brands like YSL, Chanel, Burberry, Ralp lauren, Louis Vuitton, Hermès and many others. They see themselves as part of a fashion ecosystem, helping brands to extend the longevity of their pieces, and enabling people to actively participate in creating circularity.
The designs can be described as fun and eclectic urbanwear. 1/OFF loves to play with contrasts to connect the past with the future the fun with the formal and the gutter with the catwalk.



ATLEIN (“AT-LINE”) is a French fashion house based in Paris founded in 2016 by designer Antonin Tron committed to sustainable creation. A dedicated surfer, Antonin designs with a focus on the body, its energy and movement. The name ATLEIN is homage to the Atlantic Ocean and the natural world.

With ATLEIN, he aims to present an alternative proposition for women based on quality and integrity. Antonin’s work is based on flou and the process of creation by hand, defined by the draping and shaping of the material around the body. This human and physical approach to design is central to his practice.

ATLEIN was created as an independent site for creative research based on Antonin’s core values and social engagement, with the aim of establishing a positive system of creation and production. ATLEIN’s designs aim to minimize environmental impact by adopting a series of alternative industrial solutions, including upcycling, short-circuit manufacturing and the use of natural and recycled materials.




BY FAR is a designer accessories brand that reinvents timeless silhouettes.
It was collectively established in 2016 by sisters Valentina Ignatova, Sabina Gyosheva and Denitsa Bumbarova. Through their diverse interests, each founder brings a distinct voice and versatile skills to the label, cultivating a design aesthetics tailored to adapt to the complexity of modern life.

The brand takes its name from the founders’ sons’ names – Filip, Alec and Roman. In essence, BY FAR means Made with love. Developed between Sofia, London, and Sydney, the collections radiate a strong identity reflective through elevated materials, immense technical know-how and a tenacious quest for innovation. The pieces reflect memories and milestones, the design is always driven by emotion, dedicated to seducing all senses.


Paris Texas is an Italian shoe brand launched in 2015. Its essence is based on the concept of contrasts which breaths through every aspect, just as the name suggests. This comes to show in sophisticated designs in bold materials. Inspiration springs from modern women from all around the world while designs are Italian and uniquely Made in Italy. The creations evolve around freedom and expression for the user to let their mood and attitude shine through versatile designs, presented in an extensive range of colors. Playing on the idea of outdating the common habit of separating the work- and leisure wardrobe, the mission serves to simplify and enhance the dynamic lives of fashion forward, sophisticated and strong women.
Beauty should be effortless. This is what Paris Texas is all about, solid contrasts that enables who wears them to feel even more confident, powerful and cool.




Andamane is a newborn ready-to-wear Italian label, from the same designers as Paris-Texas, where cool yet simple shapes, colorful tones, beautiful prints and defined silhouettes highlight each and every-one of you.
All of this comes to life to dress the most modern and confident women,
who are always looking for special yet easy-going pieces, at contemporary prices, to enrich their closets.
Essentials pieces, from dresses to scarfs, to go everywhere and do anything

Valentine Witmeur Lab

After studying 3 years communication in Brussels and “Fashion and Luxury Brand management” in Milan, at the fashion school Istituto Marangoni, Valentine returned to Belgium to launch her fashion project in marketing. After 2 years spent at the head of the marketing and communication department from an international Belgian company, she decided to focus her time on the launch of her own label: Valentine Witmeur Lab. The label is composed of quality knitted items, in a family owned factory in Portugal known for its special techniques and skills in knitting. She wanted the collection to be comfortable, chic and cool at the same time. Simple cut sweaters which boast a unique and distinctive personified style.





GAUCHERE is a French prêt-à-porter house founded in 2013 by the designer Marie-Christine Statz. At the heart of GAUCHERE is the art of tailoring, the appreciation of materials as they are and the translation in pure geometric structures and sculptural volumes. Marie-Christine’s intuitive designs are expressing the mood of today while aiming for permanence and timelessness.

The collection is manufactured in Paris under the highest standards of traditional techniques and craftsmanship. The commitment to the environment is applied to the entire production reality and this is a continuous work at GAUCHERE. Our suppliers ensure full product traceability from the origin of raw materials, as well as the most advanced technologies,
organizational and management processes, with full respect for people and environment.



Common Leisure

Common Leisure is a high-end lifestyle brand, offering a complete range of outerwear, leather and shearling pieces dedicated to “live in” for generation Z. (He.She.Me.)

The collection has a masculine overbalance, producing pieces with the softest quality using new treatment techniques.

Rooted in the urban culture, focused on pleasure, sophistication and living in the now. Common Leisure envisions a boundless lifestyle




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